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ChillOs are naturally social creatures that prefer to be in a herd. 
When you adopt  multiple ChillOs they can stay together and not get lonely.


Here is a ChillO in the wild, in its natural element at Waterman's Bay.



The ChillO WooHoo™ is a Premium lightweight inflatable lounger that inflates in seconds!

The ChillO is the biggest, strongest, best built Inflatable Air Lounge in Australia - with the super comfy extra-wide headrest so you can sit feet-up and rest your back, lounge out lying down, or sit sideways as a sofa for two. You can even roll it up with less air and use it as a chair!

No more spilling your drinks like you do on the old canoe-shaped ones where the pointy end collapses when you lean back on it.

ChillOs are well built, double stitched, with mesh pockets for your drinks and things, a big sturdy easy-clip buckle and a security D-ring and lanyard.

It can be used as a hammock, lounge, a sofa, or a chair. It is super lightweight at only 1.45kg and can easily be carried with the included carrying bag the size of a rolled up beach towel.


Compare with other, less comfortable, air lounges without the headrest and pockets at $79 USD ($103 AUD) or more!


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ChillO does not recommend use of ANY brand of air lounge in the water.