Troubleshooting and Tips

ChillOs can seem a bit stubborn and frustrating to the beginner but don't give up on them, you will soon warm to their charms. It is easier than riding a bike but you have to learn how!

We still remember flapping around like penguins learning to fly. Looks pretty silly at first. But once you get the knack it's SOOOOO easy...


Before YOUR FIRST INFLATION (or "floof" as we call it):

Sometimes the liner gets stuck together when they are manufactured so try this quick and easy trick to sort it out. Once you do, you will never need to do this trick again.


More General Tips

Note that there are two MOUTH openings.

Always try to open the TOP mouth so you lift less fabric each time = less resistance / weight of fabric to lift for the air to get in.

Make sure you can see there are no twists in the liner - you should be able to see right to the end when it is full.

This pic shows the top mouth open by the left hand and the bottom mouth held closed in the right hand and you can see it open and free right to the head.



If you are struggling with inflating technique (we call it "floofing" but that's pretty lame) here are two methods you can use with no wind.

KEY is to close the mouth of your ChillO BEFORE you finish the move whether it is a little run or a sweeping "swoosh" to scoop the air, or spin around like a helicopter or whatever.

Try hard to close the mouth BEFORE the move is ended so half the air you just caught doesn't "bounce" back out.

Technique #1 the run-around-like-a-headless-chicken technique:


Technique #2 The swoop


With a bit wind often you can just hold it open and let the gods take control.

"Technique" #3 just hold it open and let the wind do it
(note the little "catch" at the end makes it fuller.)


When you are somewhere windy use the bag as a ballast - put sand, beer, some handy bricks, or whatever in the bag for a weight to stop it flying away (that's why we added the clip). Be careful lifting the heavy bag or you'll rip the strap right off.

When you leave the ChillO to go for a swim you might want to put the bag ON TOP of the ChillO to weigh it down better.




Your ChillO will need to "settle" while the liner finds its way into all the corners and fills the shoulders. The first few times, as it gets all saggy and gross just twist it a bit tighter and re-clip. After 2 or 3 times it should be fully worked in and you won't need to do this anymore. 

Once it has settled, your ChillO should remain pert and perky for 4 or 5 hours with someone on it. 

If your ChillO seems to lose air too quickly, first make sure you rolled the mouth bars TIGHT so it is at MAXIMUM PERKINESS to get a good seal.

If it still loses air make sure the liner is TUCKED UNDER the mouth rim - you should never see the edge of the liner.

The Mouth rim should be folded twice over the liner so that the double stitching is seen inside the mouth and the rim is folded over the liner like this:


This is an example of the mouth rim being unfolded too far (just fold it over one more time to fix this). Notice that you can see the edge of the liner and you can't see the double stitching.



Make sure there are no gaps BETWEEN the liner and the fabric - especially at the corners. Here you see no gaps.


NOTE: If there are gaps between the liner and the fabric the ChillO will appear full but the air is not all inside the liner - some air is inside the fabric (which is not air tight) and will slowly leak out and you'll have a granny bag not a ChillO.


If there is a gap like this just tuck the edge back under the mouth rim (tape in place if necessary) and fold back over.


If you puncture the liner with a thorn or something pointy just use an instant bike repair kit or gaffer / duct tape (applied from the inside).

The hard bit is finding the hole! Have someone listen in a quiet room or you can do the old bike tyre trick in water or use a sudsy soap mix and sponge while there is weight on the ChillO to push the air out. 

If you slash the liner we will replace it once for free - you pay postage. Second time we're gonna have to talk...

If you slash the fabric it can be repaired in most cases by fabric tape (applied from the inside) - products like Tear-aid work fine.

If it was trashed by jumping on it or towing it behind a jetski or trying to surf it at overhead Margaret's ( you know who you are, B! Freakin' madman... ;-)  ) or whatever other mental idea you dream up you're just gonna have to buy a new one.


Any problems please contact us - we are 100% behind the ChillO and will support you in your moments of frustration! We were there once too - we remember what it was like...

Warm and fluffy regards,

Tim and Scott