ChillO Premium Air Lounge


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We searched, we tested, we punished so many inflatable lounges. Hard to fill - we were flapping about in the wind like penguins trying to fly. Too easy to rip, poor stitching, popping buckles, broken plastic bars, noisy and just plain uncomfortable. It was a toss of the dice every time we ordered.

We knew Australians would never put up with these second rate products.

Then we found the most excellent USA-designed WooHoo and knew we had a winner.

We contacted WooHoo and quickly developed a strong bond. Their commitment to deliver quality and assist us tweak their product for the Australian market sealed the deal.

Originally designed and developed in California, the ChillO WooHoo is manufactured by EasyGo Outdoor Products who have over 25 years selling inflatables throughout the USA. is proud to present the best inflatable air lounge you can buy, specifically adapted for Australian conditions. also stock replacement liners to ensure you get the longest life possible from your ChillO should you damage it.


The ChillO WooHoo™ is a lightweight inflatable lounger that inflates in seconds! It can be used as a hammock, lounge, a sofa, or a chair. It is super lightweight at only 1.45kg and can easily be carried with the included carrying bag the size of a rolled up beach towel.

The ChillO WooHoo™ is sold and shipped from right here in Australia. Other companies are based in China, Netherlands, and Germany leaving big problems when there is an issue with your order. Our partners in the USA have been selling inflatable products for over 25 years in California and have the ability to quickly assist with any issues we may have.

Beware of other sites offering an inferior product with long shipping times. Other sellers are not shipping for another 30-60 days and many are shipping from international sites. The ChillO Woohoo™ is shipped right here from the Australia so you can be assured that you will be relaxing on yours soon!

    We promise you'll love it!


    Tim and Scott


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