ChillO Premium Air Lounge FAQ

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How do you fill the ChillO if there is no wind?

The best way is to hold ChillO at your side and open the pouch and move forward in one direction to fill. Close pouch and open second side and move forward in same direction. Don’t swing your ChillO around to fill because it bends the tube and the air escapes. Try to keep your ChillO straight and just move in one direction. It takes a few times to get the hang of it but once you get it you’ll be ChillOing in seconds. Try to close the mouth BEFORE you finish your move so air doesn't bounce back out. It only needs to be about 70% full to work well because when you roll up the closure it compresses the air inside. See the videos on our YouTube Channel.

Do you have videos on how to set up a ChillO?

Click the YouTube button on the bottom of this page to see some set up videos and other fun movies or go to our YouTube Channel

What makes the ChillO better than the others?

Design – Our shape is different which gives you a lovely supportive headrest area rather than a canoe shaped tip that collapses when you lean on it. More back support so you can sit up and not spill your drink! Also you can roll it short into a chair.

Quality – ChillOs are double stitched, using quality fabric, we use big, beefy buckles and webbing, and are built as robustly as possible while remaining light enough to function. About 5% of our customers (that we know of) have had or used el-cheapo air lounges and upgraded to the ChillO.

Service – ChillOs are made by “Above & Beyond Inc.” a company with 25 years of experience manufacturing and selling inflatable products and has a repair and service facility in Southern California to help you. The Australian branch pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction if that means helping you through a phonecall or anything you need. We stand tall and proud behind our design. We will try our best to make ChillO a confident and pleasing purchase for you - read our reviews - we are there for you.

Charity – A portion of the profits on every WooHoo™ sold goes to our orphan/abandoned children charity at which is currently helping over 200 children grow up in a home.

How big is the ChillO™ when full?

The length is about 215cm (7ft), width over 90cm (3ft) and height from 45cm to 60cm (18” to 24”) at headrest.

How big is the ChillO™ when in its carry bag?

About 33cm x 18cm x 18cm and weighs about 1.3kg. Shipping size is 35cm x 15cm x 15cm about the size of a rolled up beach towel.

Where do you ship ChillOs from and when will you ship?

We ship from Perth and normally ship the same day or first thing the next day after getting your order. You can even buy out-of-stock ChillOs if the colour you want isn't readily available and we will ship it to you as soon as it hits our warehouse.

Is the ChillO™ waterproof for using in water?

Please DO NOT use your ChillO in water.
A couple of low budget air lounges have caused some scary near-miss incidents.
Even though your ChillO is a much sturdier build than those ones we would hate to see anybody get hurt.
There are so many awesome places you can take your ChillO why risk it?


What's so cool about that carry bag?

ChillOs come with a lightweight carry bag with adjustable webbing strap and a clip so you can use it as weighted sand ballast on the beach or fill it with some smooth rocks you might have handy in your pocket to keep your ChillO from blowing away.

When it is full of sand PICK IT UP BY THE BOTTOM not the strap or you may rip the strap off the bag. (You know who you are...)

How much weight can a ChillO hold?

We have tested it with over 225kg (500 lbs) without failing but we recommend 200kg (440 lbs) or less.

This is not an official SWL just a guide.

The new fabric coming 2017 is 20% stronger than this!

Do not jump on your ChillO as even a small person jumping can exceed 225kg of force when jumping or falling onto it. ChillOs are designed to be lightweight and to relax on and not a jumping bag. 

Can you sit in a ChillO sideways like a couch?

Of course you can and it’s great for that first date at the movie in the park. That headrest makes for a comfy elbow rest when you are doing the sexy side-saddle.

How long does a ChillO stay inflated?

This depends on how carefully you roll up the mouth. You need 3-5 twists on the mouth bar to get a good seal. Once sealed well you should get 3-6 hours of use before needing to give it another boost of air or another twist of the mouth bar. If you roll it up loosely it won’t last as long as it is easier for the air to escape. If you notice it sagging after  a while just twist another roll to tighten it up. ChillOs are best when they are pert and perky not flabby and saggy (develop your own metaphors here).

Can my ChillO be repaired if I get a hole in it?

Yes, there is an inner liner that holds the air in and if you find the hole in the liner you can patch it with packing tape, duct tape or a PVC patch or an instant bike tube patch. The best way to find a hole is to find a quiet room, fill it up and close tightly and have a good weight on it while you listen for the air escaping. You can also try sudsy water or putting it in still water like a pool while there is weight on it. Once you find where air is escaping put a piece of tape or mark at the spot on outside. Now open the mouth and reach inside to that point where your mark is and find the hole to patch it. If you can’t find the hole or don’t want to bother you can either purchase a replacement liner from us or send it to us to be replaced (cost varies depending on complexity of repair).

Can the ChillO's outer shell be repaired if it is torn or damaged?

Yes, we have our repair shop and we can repair your ChillO if you damage it. Or your granny could do it for you - it's easy. We are developing DIY repair kits that will cost less than the postage to get them to you. We also have liners in stock if you rip that.

Will the ChillO blow away if left by itself?

Yes, it is lightweight and will blow away if not secured. We include a sewn in D-Ring by the clip closure and 1.5m of tether line so you can tie it off to something when leaving your ChillO lonely. Also see that the bag incorporates a clip so you can fill it with stuff to weigh it down. We find that resting the bag ON the ChillO when you leave is better than leaving it tethered.

Can I use a ChillO on a rocky surface?

Yes you can use your ChillO on rocky surfaces but stay away from sharp surfaces/objects. If you are next to a river with rounded rocks don’t worry but if you are on a granite ledge with sharp rocks you should go look for some dirt or grass area to use it more safely. A blanket or tarp under your ChillO would help if you are using on rough areas.

Why is there a liner inside the ChillO?

We had two choices on how to make this product, with liner or with totally airproof material. We chose to use a liner for the following reasons:

1) A liner can be replaced. If you get a hole in airproof material you have to find hole and patch it (finding holes is no fun especially trying to find a whole in fabric).

2) Airproof material needs to be perfectly welded at every seam (every difficult and time consuming – Expensive - to build) to not leak and airproof material needs to be welded with the airproof side of material welded to the airproof side of the next panel (this means the seams will be coming outward toward you and you will be laying on hard seams that stick out). We trialled these and they aren't as comfortable and they are harder to fill.

3) Airproof material of the same weight as we are using is very easy to get a hole in it because the airproof seal is much closer to the outside world since it is just a coating on the inside of the fabric (our two layer design makes it so a sharp object must go all the way through the outer shell then all the way through the second layer inside – Much tougher to break).

Is the ChillO material comfortable?

Yes, it is like lightweight running shorts, a breathable soft feeling against your skin. It is like lying on a soft fluffy cloud caressing you as you rest!